Regulations JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Vertical

01. Date and place: JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Vertical will take place on Saturday October 27th 2019 in Yesa (Navarre), starting at 09:45 am.

02. Route: The timed event starts at the (new) San Esteban de Yesa Church and ends at the top of Arangoiti Peak, a 3900m trail and a positive slope of 900m.

03. Participation: People over 18 and under 75 years old can participate, up to maximum of 150 runners, who must comply with the regulations of this race and meet the requirements detailed here.

04. Categories: (age on the day of the race)

Male category:

Absolute: Over 18 years

Female category:

Absolute: Over 18 years

05. Registration: Up to 200 runners. An enrollment period will open between August 5 and October 7. This pre-registration should be done online, through the website or through the platform
The Organization will reserve 4 numbers to cover the different commitments and guarantee a minimum of 20% of the registrations for female runners.

06. Fee: The single registration fee is 18€, which gives the right to participate in the race, liability and accident insurance, use of all the services established by the Organisation for participants (runner bag, refreshments, cloakroom, showers, post-race appetiser), as well as various gifts. To collect the runner's bag and the bib number, the participant must be present and show some form of identification (DNI/ID/passport). All participants accept this regulation as they complete the registration.

07. Tracking: The route will be properly tracked with visible signs and marking bands. There will be kilometers’ references throughout the itinerary. Once the race is completed, all the signs will be collected.

08. Race Controls: During the itinerary, the Organisation has several control points to monitor your progresss, being compulsory to go through them.

09. Refreshments: available at the four refreshment points plus the one at the finish line. We will offer the participants energetic and refreshing products (water, fruit, bars and energy drinks).

10. Timing tracking

11. Prizes:

Absolute male category:

Txapela, ,Trophy, and price. Free Registration for the 2020 Edition. .
2º Trophy
3º Trophy

Absolute female category:

Txapela, ,Trophy, and price. Free Registration for the 2020 Edition.
2ª Trophy
3ª Trophy

* The winners must be present at the awards ceremony to receive their prizes. Any absence will be understood as renunciation of the trophies/prizes won.

12. Results: The results will be published on the official website,, and on the platform

13. Distribution of competition numbers: Bib numbers will be distributed on the day of the race, between 8:00 and 9:15 am, in the Crypt of the Monastery of Leyre; and in Yesa's sports center on the 27th between 8:00 and 9:15 p.m. to the holder of the number by checking an identity document. It is necessary to show some form of identification in order to pick up the bib number.

14. Environment: Most of the race takes place in areas of exceptional natural beauty, so it will be everyone's duty to preserve the environment and avoid leaving litter outside of the control points. For this purpose, trash cans will be placed up to a maximum distance of 20 meters from the control post. Failure to comply with this elementary rule will result in the disqualification of the runner.

15. Healthcare : The Organisation will have Rescue Services at the most strategic points of the race. Moreover, at the finish line there will be massage services, showers, toiles and first-aid medical attention point for those athletes with special needs.

16. Security: The Organisation reserves the right to change the itinerary of the race and make modifications depending on different matters, as well as the suspension of the race subject to weather conditions.

17. Assistance in accidents: Those who participate in the race must assist runners that are injured or need help, as well as report any incidence at the control posts.

18. Liability in accidents: The Organisation declines all responsibility in case of accident, negligence, as well as loss of the runner’s for personal objects; for these purposes you will have a baggage room at the finish line. The participants will be responsible for any damage they may cause to themselves and to third parties.

19. Runner insurance: All participants officially registered will be covered by an insurance policy arranged by the Organisation. It will cover accidents that occur as a direct result of the development of the race, and never as a derivation of a previous condition, imprudence, negligence, non-observance of the laws and the articles of the regulation, etc. The insurance does not cover the accidents caused when traveling to and from the area where the race takes place.

20. Mandatory material: The Organisation of the race may establish the use of mandatory warm/waterproof clothing depending on the weather forecast. Participants must display the competition number on their chest, clearly visible to facilitate the control by the Organisation.

21. Cancellations: There will be no possibility of cancellation or refund 72 hours after the formalisation of the online purchase.

22. Image: The acceptance of the regulation of the JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Vertical takes for granted that the runner renounces his image rights. Days after the race, the Organisation will publish the race’s photographs on the website and RSS, and send several photos to the media together with the race’s information following the event..

23. Other considerations: Each participant may deliver a sweater to the organizer to put at his disposal in the provisioning at the end of the special stage. Time limit to deliver this sweater will be one hour before the start of the race. The use of canes is allowed, being obligatory to take them during all the route if one chooses to use them. It is mandatory to facilitate overtaking in case a runner is reached by another.

23. Organisers contact information: